To American and British people.(英語)

Human wisdom is put to the test these days. I think that the aphorism that I first came to know when I was 20: “Ontogenesis recapitulates phylogenesis,” means in the living world that the “whole” is contained in the “individual”. Concretely, to grant importance to the “individual” is to grant importance to the “whole”. A nation is just a simple means to preserve the dignity of the “individual”. What I am calling here “individual” refers to a human being without presupposing the nation. Without the “individual” there is no nation, no religion, no race and no people. Nation, religion, race and people are no more than a means of favoring human dignity. And, I am saying it again: the “whole” is contained in every “individual”. Without the individual there is no “whole”. The Preservation of human dignity means the protection of one’s circle of which existence is of preeminent importance to nation, religion, race and people.

In yourself, as an individual preeminent to nation, religion, race and people, is contained our future as a human being that includes you. I have neither expectation nor hope in my present country (Japan) as a nation. The only glimmer of hope can be found deep down within yourself and myself. At present, I think that what we ought to do is not to take arms but to join hands. What about thinking of it together? If you have got a personal opinion please contact me in Japanese.

Japan, 17th August 2014